5 Tips for Commercial Landlords: Expert Advice from a Florida Real Estate Attorney

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Being a commercial estate owner in Florida entails getting to know the intricacies of the real estate law as this plays a vital role in the securing of your investments and on the sustaining of excellent operation. Remember that leases agreements and tennant disputes are the main parts of the apartment living. Knowing what is expected from you and being aware of your rights and responsibilities can “lessen” your expenses and give you peace of mind. In this chapter, we are going to disclose five un-disputable points that a Florida real estate attorney recommends to your guidance.

Secure Comprehensive Lease Agreements:

The legitimate responsibility of any commercial estate landlord must be on the table in the agreement of the lease. Setting your mind to acquiring a reputable lawyer from the field of real estate in Florida, will instill the trust that the documents are legalized, firmly planted and protects your interests. As specifically stated, the rental price, the repairs responsibilities, the lease terms and resolution processes which will be used for case of a dispute are detailed. Furthermore, in situations where you secretly acquire a property through a partition action Florida, a legal consultant is imperative as they will handle all the matters similarly and protect your investment.

Conduct Thorough Tenant Screening:

Lease agreements that comprehensively address tenants’ obligations and landlords’ responsibilities are a vital component of any commercial renting agreement. A local reputable real estate lawyer Florida will guide you on preparing legally sound papers to guard your interests. It is highly recommended to sign an agreement containing explicit specifications about rent, maintenance duties, term of the lease and dispute settlement process so as to avoid any quarrels in the future.

Stay Informed About Landlord-Tenant Laws:

Follow up on everyone prospective, and this will help to reduce the irritations that having undependable units bring. A real estate attorney in a Florida context can guide you fairly through the way to get the information you are requesting about your new tenants as to their financial status, rental history, and business viability. By dwelling on the selection process, you’ll reduce the risk of mortgage defaults, including instances of defaulting on the property damage. Furthermore, in a case where a Florida partition action must be undertaken, having a lawyer will allow you go through all of the challenges without much hassle, with your interests and investment properly protected.

Address Disputes Promptly and Professionally:

Although you are a speaker of the land in Florida, knowledge and understanding of the latest landlord-tenant laws is still highly demanded. Over from eviction processes to security deposit laws, acquiring knowledge about what your duties are can prevent you from an expensive legal fight. Working with a competent Florida attorney who is in the know on the relevant law governing real estate ensures that you are compliant with all prescribed jurisprudence and with a few chances of getting sued.

Plan for Potential Partition Actions:

In some case, apart from collection of rents, commercial landlords may encounter difficulties, among them there being the sets of partition actions. At the Florida partition hearing, the co-property owners have a conflict on the property’s governance or utilization. So, they are compelled to look for a third-party resolution – to split or sell it. Partition actions may be a complicated legal matter. In this kind of situation, you need a professional real estate attorney in Florida to provide you the best legal rights and create a set of strategy to protect you from any risks.


As the head of a commercial landlord branch in Florida, being a smart real estate lawyer demands lots of foresight, a proactive approach, and obviously, legal experts who know their job. Using such tips and working with a professional Florida real estate expert complete the list of ways, which help to protect your investments while minimize risks and make your commercial property successful in long term. Seek help of the legal professional if need be to protect your interests and stem the rate at which returns decrease in the competitive market.

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