All The Functions Of A Wristwatch

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The most basic function of a wristwatch such as Rolex women watch is, of course, to record and display the time for its wearer. However, more and more watches are launched on the market with various additional functions for all tastes and demands. How about finding out more about some of the main features that your wristwatch can bring?


Recording the day, month, and sometimes the year the watch wearer is currently. It is a function that can easily be part of digital watches or hands.


It is a time counter that makes it possible to measure it in hours, minutes, seconds, and with the precision of hundredths or thousandths of seconds. It is ideal for measuring events such as meetings, races, and other sporting activities. There are regressive patterns for calculating how much time is left before an event ends and other programmable adjustments. It is constantly confused with the word “chronometer,” a term that corresponds to a certificate that certifies the accuracy of a watch.


One of the most useful functions used in people’s daily lives is the beep to indicate that it’s time to do something. Set to go off at a pre-determined time, the alarm can act as a wake-up call in the morning or a reminder of a task to be done.

Water Resistance

A peculiarity of watches made for sports and a few configuration models for social use, this differential suggests the water pressure that the piece withstands. The erroneous idea is to suppose that the indication of resistance in meters informs the water depth to which the product can be subjected. Watches with resistance to 30 or 50 meters should not be used for swimming. Only those with a resistance of more than 200 meters can be considered waterproof, and only those with a resistance of 300 meters or more are suitable for professional diving.


Some watches come with this important turn signal. Excellent for users who like camping, hiking, and other exercises to get lost or get too far away from safe places.


One more function is notably available for practitioners of sports, ecotourism, or camping. This instrument assesses the location’s altitude where the person is, in relation to sea level, based on reflections from sound waves (or radar) or changes in atmospheric pressure.


Some watches already come with an open file for users to write down and catalog the names, telephone numbers, and addresses most used in their daily lives. This function is the same used on smartphones and can serve as a backup copy of these notes.

Time Zone Marker

An essential application for those who want to get in touch with people who live in distant places or are traveling to other countries or have a business to see in that place. The watch wearer will know the exact time of the destination place. Some devices carry up to two or more markers like this one.

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