Assistive Technology, Needs Assessment and Devices For Seniors and also the Disabilities

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Many seniors or individuals with disabilities or injuries utilize assistive technology-tools, products, or types of equipment which help people perform tasks and activities. They may be as easy as a assistive hearing device, a master, or perhaps a magnifier, or as complex like a computer or motor scooter.

More particularly, assistive technology or adaptive products are services or instruments which help seniors or individuals with disabilities carry out the activities they accustomed to perform but must now perform differently. Something that helps the seniors continue doing day to day activities poor home based care is recognized as assistive technology.

Assistive Technology Options and Devices

Many different types of disabilities exist, a lot of types of assistive technology happen to be produced to help individuals overcome an excellent selection of disabilities. Some types of assistive technology are described below:

Adaptive switches. They are modified switches that seniors may use to regulate devices like air conditioning units, power wheelchairs, etc. using the tongue or voice.

Communication equipment. This really is something that helps someone receive and send messages, like a telephone amplifier.

Computer access. This really is special software that can help seniors connect to the Internet or fundamental hardware just like a modified mouse or keyboard to help make the computer more user-friendly.

Education. This category includes audiobooks, Braille writing tools, and sources that people get additional vocational training.

Home modifications. This could start adding some remodeling to beat physical barriers and live more easily. A good example is setting up a ramp to permit motorized wheel chair access.

Tools for independent living. This really is something that enables seniors to savor daily existence without additional assistance. A good example is really a handicapped-accessible bathroom with grab bars within the bathtub.

Job-related products. This really is any process or device that facilitates your work. This might incorporate a special kind of chair or pillow should you work on a desk or perhaps a back brace should you perform physical labor.

Mobility aids. This really is any device that enables an older person to maneuver easier, together with a power motorized wheel chair, a motorized wheel chair lift, or perhaps a stair elevator.

Orthotic or prosthetic equipment. This can be a tool that compensates for any missing or disabled part of the body. This might include walkfit shoe inserts for somebody with fallen arches or perhaps an artificial arm for somebody who has gone through an amputation.

Recreational assistance. This can be a method or device that allows individuals with disabilities to savor fun activities. A few examples are swimming training from recreational therapists and specifically made skis for seniors who’ve lost a limb.

Seating aids. This can be a modification to some chair, motorized wheel chair, or motor scooter that can help someone remain upright, progress and lower without assistance, or decrease the quantity of pressure onto the skin. This may be as easy as an additional pillow or as complex like a motorized seat.

Physical enhancements. They are devices which help those who are partly blind or deaf to sign up in additional activities. This might incorporate a caption option on the television for an older person who’s hard of hearing.

Therapy. This might include equipment or processes that encourage and work toward recovery after a disease or injuries. This might involve both services and technology, like getting an actual counselor make use of a specialized massage unit to revive a far more complete flexibility in stiff muscles.

Transportation assistance. This category includes devices for seniors that facilitate stepping into and from vehicles and driving securely, including adjustable mirrors, seats, and steering wheels. Drive-up home windows in the dmv that permit the seniors to keep and register their vehicles will also be incorporated.

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