Avoid Magnetic Fields To Care For Your Watch

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Easier said than done since magnetic fields are invisible. However, it is essential to avoid them because they can completely disrupt automatic watches or permanently damage them.

Simply put, almost all electronic devices emit magnetic fields. This is why it is advisable never to put your watch like Rolex yacht master on a tablet, telephone, radio, Hi-Fi system, or any other object with electronic components or magnets of all kinds.

Some watches are resistant to a particular strength of magnetic fields. These powers are calculated in Gauss, and any resistance properties of a watch are most often written on or under its case.

Besides, a little “rant” on top of that, but when you remove your watch, if it has a leather strap, stop bending these unfortunate bracelets against the upper part of the pin buckle! Instead, push it in with your thumb to release the clip without damaging your bracelet each time you remove it.

The Final Word

With all of these tips, you should be able to take good care of your watch. If we had to summarize this article, we could simplify it by saying that a watch, whether luxury or not, is a robust tool, of course, but which requires special attention, and this permanently, for it. Allow it to function at its best and for as long as possible. To respect this object and this know-how, it is essential to treat your watch with care and delicacy. Only in this way will you manage to keep your watch (es) all your life, and that your children and maybe even your grandchildren will be able to enjoy them in turn.

Watchmaking can be considered extreme precision mechanics, and as we know, it must be spared and adequately maintained for a mechanism to last over time. Regular revisions will help you increase the life expectancy of your watches. In a problem, professionals and authorized specialist dealers can always advise you and possibly replace certain parts that have suffered occasional damage.

A watch is made to be worn, and you should take advantage of it, but you also have to remember that they have weak points despite their robustness. Follow our advice without falling into paranoia, and enjoy your watches for years to come!

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