Best caf2 cylindrical lens and optical mirrors

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Alpine optics manufacturers’ quality optical mirrors and caf2 cylindrical lens to uphold your research work. If you are in search of quality and experienced after-sale service, your choice should be alpine research optics. 

Alpine optics provides excellent optical mirrors for your multiple researchers in academic research and other fields that appear, sometimes, challenging to the cylindrical lens.  

The article on best optical mirrors and caf2 cylindrical lenses is an authentic source of information that makes you familiar with the features, pros, cons, and to make rational decisions. 

Benefits of optical mirrors and caf2 cylindrical lens

  • The product will provide you multiple benefits with select focal lengths options
  • Material options including CaF2, MgF2, and Deep UV for Near-Infrared coatings
  • The product comes with optics concave, convex, spherical, and cylindrical lenses 
  • Select focal lengths ranging from 33-75000 mm
  • Near-Infrared coatings offer you deep UV

Difference between the optic mirror and caf2 cylindrical lens

The optical mirrors work great in the context of a beam of rays. It produces converging beams of rays that help to find stronger magnifications. The rays point coverage is known as the focus which is the distance of the optical mirror and focus of the mirror from where rays reflect. The condition of reflection of the beam on the optical mirror explores the diverging beam. 

On the other hand, Caf2 cylindrical lens is used to correct astigmatic aberrations at longitudinal image magnification and laser levels. You can use the cylindrical lens as spectacles lenses to streamline astigmatism. 

In addition to it, the Caf2 cylindrical lens is widely result-oriented in laser-induced fluorescence, velocimetry particle, and where you want to get images with extended lines such as scanners.  

The best optical mirrors and caf2 cylindrical lens come with features, the article listed below are major features of the best pick products for you. 


  • Durable and high-efficiency optical mirrors for focal lengths
  • It works excellent in steering the beam
  • It is a great product for high and partial reflectivity
  • It provides a wavelength of 800 mm with multiple ranges of frequency
  • Its curved subtracts is best for metal coatings and dielectric
  • It has multiple coating ranges, subtracts curves and reflectivity 

Product selection

The article explores the multiple products to ease your selection, see the below-listed product to choose. 

  • Plano-Convex Lenses
  • Plano-Concave Lenses
  • Double-Concave Lenses
  • Cylinder Lenses
  • IR Lenses
  • UV Lenses
  • Spherical Lenses

Best way to buy optical laser mirrors and custom optical lenses 

Alpine research optics solved all problems you can even imagine while deciding about the optical laser mirrors and custom optical lenses. The company offers you a range of mirrors and lenses to support your researchers, and other initiatives. 

Before buying the products, you need to get familiar with your requirements. For instance, there are various types of optical laser mirrors and custom optical lenses in the market. Every manufacturer claims to produce a quality product. Therefore, before placing an order, you need to consult your requirement with the sales team of alpine research optics.

Experienced and technically sound team members will guide you at their level best and will provide you required technical information that will help you while buying the optical laser mirrors or custom optical lenses. 

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