How To Sell Your Motorcycle With 3 Amazing Tips!

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The reasons that led you to decide to sell can be many. Regardless of the case of putting big bike for sale (ขายมอเตอร์ไซค์บิ๊กไบค์ which is the term in Thai), you need to know which factors deserve more attention when selling. You will need to know which factors deserve special attention when planning this sale. Check out what they are!

1. Define A Sales Strategy

There are several paths to follow to sell your used motorcycle or buy second handed motorcycle at your door (รับซื้อรถมอเตอร์ไซค์ถึงบ้าน which is the term in Thai). That’s why the first step on this journey is to define what sales strategy you will use. This includes the time frame in which you want to trade the vehicle, your availability to trade, the amount you want to get out of it, and, of course, the sales channel you will use. In this last point, specifically, the buying and selling sites are usually the best option, as they bring together many people looking daily for alternatives to new vehicles. Once you have the ad published, its publicity on social media dramatically increases the ad’s reach and can make it reach people you didn’t know.

2. Take Care Of The Appearance Of The Photos

Regardless of the year and time of use, motorcycles that attract attention on sales sites are well cared for, with the visual details in good condition and as many original parts as possible. While sporty and stylistic details can be eye-catching, it’s often best to advertise the bike in the closest format to the original. If your choice was to place an ad on the internet, it is also essential to be careful with the photos. After all, they are the ones that will help draw the attention of potential buyers. For this, choose a well-lit environment and take varied photos to show the full breadth of the bike. This includes close-up shots to show the details and more open shots that give a broader perspective. Remember: the first impression is the last one.

3. Make Sure All Documentation Is Up To Date

No buyer is interested in buying a vehicle without checking that the documentation is updated. This makes the bike more attractive and shows transparency on the seller’s part. In addition, it is worth remembering that among the necessary documents, we can also include the motorcycle’s original manuals – if you still have them, of course – and service and parts notes purchased during the period in which it was yours. This helps to show that you have been a careful owner, which greatly values ​​the used motorcycle.

5. Make Sure The Mechanical Part Is Overhauled

Up there, we talked about the need to look good so that your ad photos are beautiful. However, it is useless for her to look impeccable if the mechanical part is not perfect. Therefore, the entire engine must be reviewed by a professional you trust before making the announcement. Even though many buyers ignore this part and only look at tires and general appearance, the mechanics must be impeccable. This includes changing the oil, filters, fluids, pads, and cables, not to mention any repairs that may be needed on other items.

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