Humanity and Technology: The Alliance

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The Problem….The Space

Technologies are evolving at lightning speed. Faster constantly, it’s distributing into every area in our lives. Equipment that when was obsolete 2 yrs ago has become obsolete within 6 several weeks. Technological tools are becoming smaller sized and much more reasonable for the whole world. Companies and governments are searching for their economic equilibrium as consumers purchase goods laterally, from each other online, frequently staying away from traditional consumer shopping or payment of florida sales tax.

Humanity is reeling in the physical results of technology too. Normal human development does not occur at lightning speed it’s a timed and sequenced procedure that requires human interaction, behavior learning, and real encounters, as to understand the entire spectrum of emotion and mature into happy and healthy adults. In occasions past, the way you resided our way of life incorporated human interaction. Technologies have now altered the way you live. Pressed too quickly, human development becomes distorted or retarded, and emotional maturity goes awry.

Basically we still crave new and faster technology, as physical beings, we have the physical results of getting what we should want. We’re becoming isolated and narrow in focus, perpetuating a narrow, superficial, and isolated existence. People weren’t meant to reside in by doing this. A persons spirit must be nourished and replenished with work, play, friendship and love. Fundamentally people, we’re physically and emotionally interactive beings. Whenever we lose our ability and also the chance for emotional connectedness, we’re at risk of becoming as inanimate because the technology we so greatly desire.

Our electronic media culture bombards the present world with mass reproduction and reproducibility that may fool a persons eye. Reality may become distorted what’s real what is actually a fantasy? The term, simulacrum means an unreal or superficial likeness, a duplicate with no original. Photographs, TV, game titles, advertising, effects, and computers are members of our electronic media, offering images so realistically produced or altered, they are able to appear real, even when they’re not. This lack of ability to distinguish the actual in the a fantasy makes us question our reality so we start to mistrust our very own perceptions. We start to think that there is nothing real. This can lead to feelings of indifference, hopelessness, and, ultimately, anarchy. If there is nothing real, then nothing really matters. We become as automatic as our technological inventions, and merely as cold and unfeeling. This really is dying to some human spirit that needs the heat of human connection, touch and trust since it’s foundation. And, a persons spirit won’t go silently in to the night it won’t vanish with no fight. It’ll have some alternative way to convey itself, too frequently within the sensual realm of drug abuse and addiction.

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