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“What does your morning routine look like right now?” “How do you fit into the 5 things you do every morning?”

We’ve been getting some questions and follow-up responses to the episode we recently featured in 5 Things I Do Every Morning, so we’ve created a follow-up episode this week to answer your questions and share more details about what our morning routine looks like right now.

Also on today’s episode, I talk about my mixed feelings about a book I’ve finished, Jesse talks about something he did over the past week that really impressed me, and I share something we’ve used for Baby D and that has been so helpful!

In this episode

[00:34] – Welcome to a new episode of The Crystal Paine Show.

[01:25] – What dates sometimes look like in this season of life.

[02:54] – Today we are talking about mornings and some follow-up questions from a previous podcast episode.

[03:33] Student — I just finished a book that fits today’s topic.

[06:09] – I don’t need motivation to get more done, I need the reminders to slow down.

[07:02] – Jesse did something last week that really impressed me.

[09:44] – It just reminds you how much we should be thankful for.

[10:38] – I share what saved my life.

[12:27] – Small things sometimes that can make a big difference.

[15:45] – Let’s talk about what our mornings look like.

[16:50] – We’ve had many different performances and get creative every season.

[18:18] – Jesse suggests stacking habits to set up your routine.

[21:46] – But what does it actually look like?

[23:42] – It helps that we do this divide and conquer thing.

[24:38] – Your nights can prepare your days for such success. A successful day starts the night before.

[25:20] – Jesse shares explains why I consider sleeping in until about 6:45 am.

[28:20] – This is an easy season for us, but you have to make sure it works for whatever season you are.

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