The Singleton Scotch Cocktails You Would Not Want to Miss

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The Singleton scotch cocktails are a good way to explore the distinct characteristics of whiskey of different fascinating flavours. Most of the people who drink scotch prefer to have it with a little water or just some ice cubes. However, there lies no harm if you want to mix two scotches, whether single malt or a blend. There are a lot of new cocktails or just classic drinks that might add to stretch your taste buds and your imaginations. These types of cocktail recipes act as a pour of the single malt scotch. There are numerous singleton scotch cocktails that you definitely would not give a miss. Some of them you can find here.

The Brogue and Smoky Martini

In brogue, lavender adds its pairing capacity to the drink. A pleasant complement to the scotch is the floral herbs. The key ingredients of this cocktail are the lavender honey syrup made at home. The recipe consists of the hybrid of the scotch sour and the rusty nail. You may add the home-made lavender honey syrup to the other cocktails as well. In the cocktail recipe of smoky martini, scotch plays a major role. In this cocktail, the amount of gin is enhanced. You need to make it as smokier as possible to enhance the flavour. Also, add a percentage of scotch in order to avoid feeling bad about adding the good stuff.

Ruby Queen and the Great Pumpkin

Most of the whisky enthusiast may find it absurd, but ruby queen is considered to the most unique and fascinating way of having scotch. This recipe is no less than an adventure for most of the people. It tastes surprisingly good when you mix a proportionate amount of whiskey, honey, beet juice and lemon. You then need to garnish the drink with tarragon. Another great autumnal flavour is pumpkin. It goes really well when mixed with scotch. The cocktail primary is an infusion of pumpkin to scotch and is then layered with lemon, ginger, cinnamon and maple flavour on it top. You would definitely not miss this amazing cocktail experience.

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