Three Rolex Facts You Might Not Have Known

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Rolex is amongst the world’s most acknowledged brand names and characterizes high-end, craftsmanship as well as manufacturing prowess. This article unveils three unknown truths regarding the Rolex manufacturing process, as well as raises the lid on how Rolex watches are made.

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  • Rolex utilizes a costly and difficult to machine steel for its watches due to its aesthetic quality

Many watches are made from stainless steel called 316L; however, Rolex watches are made from various quality steel called 904L. Rolex utilized the same steel as other suppliers, but in 2003 they moved their entire steel manufacturing to 904L steel.

904L steel is more rust, as well as corrosion-resistant, and is rather more difficult than various other steels, but amongst the major marketing factors for Rolex is the reality that 904L steel is able to take, as well as hold polish very well.

  • Rolex has its own R&D laboratories

Offered the innovative nature of the Rolex brand, it must come as not a surprise that it has its own internal R&D division; however, Rolex has not one, but a number of different types of well-furnished expert scientific research labs at its various facilities. The objective of these labs isn’t simply to look into new watches, as well as points that may enter into watches, yet additionally, to study more efficient and efficient manufacturing strategies. As an example, one lab is used for creating, as well as researching oils and lubricants that they utilize during the production procedure, while another looks at the properties of various metals and materials utilized in the manufacturing procedure. Of course, Rolex additionally utilizes its scientific research labs on one’s guard themselves to evaluate them under one of the most extreme conditions to make sure maximum longevity and strength.

  • All Rolex watches are hand-assembled

All Rolex watches are made and set by skilled designers. The watchmaker does use machines to become part of the production procedure, actually, a few of its makers are the most innovative worldwide, nevertheless, they are largely human-operated or utilized for ordinary jobs such as cataloging and declaring.

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